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Before Chihiro left the Spirit World, Haku gave her a small stem of white flowers. She had almost forgotten them when she left, until on the other side she reached into her pocket.
Details of her time in the Spirit World may have begun to fade, but the flower never did. It sat in a small vase in her bedroom, just as fresh and white as the day she received it.  
As she grew older, she would sit on her bed and trace the petals. Memories would flood her mind, and her friends faces would become bright in her mind again. The scent of the flower brought her back to the bathhouse.
Her parents wondered about her sometimes, she knew. She had never made many friends after coming back, regardless of how she had been before the move. Chihiro had always been a dreamer; she never outgrew that trait, no matter how much they wished she would. When she was younger, she would talk about her fantasies:the Spirit World, Haku, the bathhouse. After they had finally had enough, had told her stop, she ju
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Run for Your Life
She ran.
She had been running for hours. At, least, it felt like it. She honestly couldn't tel how much time had passed, or even gauge it by the sun.
There was no sun.
Rain beat down from overhead, sliding down her face and into her eyes. She raised a hand blindly and wiped her eyes. No time to stop. Not now.
Not while he was still chasing her. Not while she was still in danger.
Brambles tore at her arms, catching on her clothes. She pulled through the branches, breathing heavily, eyes darting from place to place.
Then she saw it. The highway. She was only 200, 300 yards left. She could make it.
A gunshot.
She stared at the hole in the tree a few feet in front of her in shock for a moment before returning to her senses and beginning to sprint.
She skidded around a tree, dodging another shot. Gasping for breath, she took off in the direction of the highway.
She vaguely registered the sound of another gunshot before registering hot, blinding pain. She stumbled and fell to the ground. She
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Stolen Sails App- Atolla - Bianca Niev by WantsToLoseHerMask Stolen Sails App- Atolla - Bianca Niev :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 2 1 Jelsa Week Day 3- The Queen and the Spirit by WantsToLoseHerMask Jelsa Week Day 3- The Queen and the Spirit :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 4 0
Jelsa Week Day 2- Letting Go
He had to leave her.
He didn't want to, but he had no real alternative. She was going to grow old, even die . She needed to provide an heir for Arendelle, and she couldn't do that with him. He was a spirit.
Even though it broke his heart, he knew he had to leave. He walked into her chambers and pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Goodbye Elsa. I love you." he said before leaping out the window.
Elsa woke and touched her forehead.
Jack was no where to be found.
:iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 3 0
Jelsa Week Day 1- Fear and Rage
She was scared.
She sat in her room all day, doing virtually nothing but study. Her parents certainly didn’t help with this. It was their fault she was so afraid. They never said it out loud, but they blamed her for the accident with Anna. It was obvious. They locked her in her room, telling her it was too dangerous for her to interact with people. They told her to hide emotions, hide herself. Her parents said it would be the best thing for her, but in reality, it was only the best thing for them. Her parents feared her.
An invisible boy floated outside her window.
He had seen her say goodbye to her parents, had seen the fear in their eyes when she approached them. It infuriated him. She was a girl, not a monster. How dare they do this to her?! Frost crept up the side of the castle, and he forced himself to calm down.
He would save her. He didn’t know how, but he would.
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Softball Field by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Field :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 0 0 Softball Practice (17) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (17) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 1 7 Softball Practice (18) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (18) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 0 0 Softball Practice (16) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (16) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 0 0 Softball Practice (15) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (15) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 1 0 Softball Practice (14) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (14) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 0 0 Softball Practice (13) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (13) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 1 0 Softball Practice (12) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (12) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 0 0 Softball Practice (11) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (11) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 1 0 Softball Practice (10) 4-15-14 by WantsToLoseHerMask Softball Practice (10) 4-15-14 :iconwantstolosehermask:WantsToLoseHerMask 0 0


Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi Holiday Card Project Stamp :iconheidi:Heidi 2,749 399
Happy Holidays from DeviantArt!
‘Twas the night before Christmas on DeviantArt,
Not a paintbrush was stirring, and creators took heart.
The artists scrolled through Daily Deviations with care
Knowing kindred warm-fuzzies soon would be there.
Deviants were all swiping, all snug on their phones
While visions of inspiration across all time zones
Were zapped to their smart device, quick as can be,
At the tap of a button in a +Fav’ing spree!
When across the Interwebs there arose such a clatter,
I sprang to the Comments to see what was the matter,
“I’m bored,” the Journal wrote, “I’m on a long trip, too.
I don’t have my laptop, and there’s nothing to do.”
I cracked all my knuckles, settled down in my chair,
Then descended upon the keyboard and wrote with a flair:
“Dear Friend, did you not get DA’s early present?
We now have an app, and it won’t cost you one cent!
“On, Watch Feed! On, Browse! On, Explore! On, Today!
Tap-and-hold to fave, sha
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Visit the Write a Journal Entry
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It's Free Premium Membership Day!
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ZW 2015: Happenstance
Zutara Week 2015
Monday: Happenstance

Years later, when they encountered again, all was healed between them. Hearts, at least, were strong enough to keep up with what they had agreed would be their lives from that day on.
So when she said “Congratulations on your wedding. I’m really happy for you,” he knew she really meant it.
“Thank you, it wouldn’t be this way if it weren’t for you,” he said, and he didn’t mean it in a harmful way. Fire Lord and Lady smiled, while Avatar and Master Waterbender bowed slightly to proceed with the ceremonies of compliments to the newlyweds.
But when the celebration was in full swing, Fire Lord Zuko decided it was a good moment to recollect his sneaking abilities. Sapphire blue eyes where nowhere to be seen, but somehow he knew just where to find her. Jun would’ve mocked him, telling him how she’d been right about him and the Water Tribe girl. And she was. But things were so
:iconlayditomoe:LaydiTomoe 5 0
ZW 2015: Vigil
Zutara Week 2015
Tuesday: Vigil

They arrived by nightfall. He was the first one to suggest they observed the village from afar before they made any move.
“No need to rush,” he stated in a clipped tone.
He’d only admit to himself, but he was afraid that he’d be judged if he ran into the village looking for a mother he didn’t even know was there. But he hoped Katara was past judgement. She wouldn’t have come with him otherwise, he pondered while they made camp in an almost cave, a natural formation between a cliff and the mountains near the village. It was actually the perfect spot.
But when the next day came and went, and the educated lady was not recognizable amongst the mass of people that mingled in the village throughout the day, Zuko began to grow impatient.
By midnight he was pacing so furiously that he was sure he’d make a hole (in the dirt or in the sole of his shoes, he didn’t know which one would come first), s
:iconlayditomoe:LaydiTomoe 3 0
ZW 2015: Clandestine
Zutara Week 20015
Wednesday: Clandestine

She loved the South Pole, the seasons she got to spend on the Southern Air Temple. She knew that all they had fought for, the most important thing, was peace. And even the thrill of reuniting families or the hard work of reconstructing had made her days enjoyable. But as time went on and things settled, it had become a boring dull blur of passing days (cooking, sometimes hunting, cleaning, minor healing and caring for her family) and she found herself with even less things to do.
Zuko’s surprising arrival had been like a summer breeze in the approaching winter.
Some selfish part of her had to admit that, when she decided to accompany him in his pursuit, was because she missed the thrill of traveling. The ninja-sort-of-way of their mission was also exhilarating. There was no real need for them to be hiding, they both knew that. But when Zuko sad it was because he didn’t want anyone to know about it until he had s
:iconlayditomoe:LaydiTomoe 6 0
Zutara Week 2015 Fanfiction ~ Happenstance
It's down to me and you.
In this cold and empty room.
Forgotten what we're dying for.
Just tell me what to change.
Just tell me what to say.
'Cause I can't feel it anymore.
But why are we so incomplete? 

♥Dust and Gold by Arrows to Athens♥
“You’d think that Sparky would go harder on Twinkle Toes now that they’ve returned.” said Toph as she smirked and leaned down to put her hands behind her head. She swung her right leg back and forth as Katara just looked at her wordlessly. She simply returned her eyes to Zuko as he instructed Aang as what was supposed to be another basic fire form.
It has been two days since they both returned from their journey. It was hard for Katara – heck, it was hard for everybody! – to wrap their heads around what Aang and Zuko had told them. That dragons and the Sun warriors, both believed to be exti
:icontortoise01swe:Tortoise01Swe 10 4
Vigil - Zutara Week 2015
            Most of the members of the group hated the night watch. It was usually uneventful and incredibly boring which made it ridiculously difficult to stay awake. They didn’t always need to do the night watch, but as exposed as they were compared to the Western Air Temple and with the possibility of Azula being on their tails, they couldn’t be too careful. Since Zuko was the newest addition to the group, Sokka nominated him as the watchman for the night. Naturally, everyone agreed… everyone except for Katara.
            “Absolutely not.”
            “Come on, Katara. He’s just going to stay awake and warn us if someone comes.” Sokka explained.
            “No. I still don’t trust him. How do we know he’s not goi
:iconzukolover1313:zukolover1313 11 1
Zuko-ATLA -Colored by UnusSicutIgnisEtAqua Zuko-ATLA -Colored :iconunussicutignisetaqua:UnusSicutIgnisEtAqua 8 6 Zutara Cute Kiss by Amourinette Zutara Cute Kiss :iconamourinette:Amourinette 128 5 Zutara Hug by Amourinette Zutara Hug :iconamourinette:Amourinette 194 18 Zutara - Private Island by Eleanor-Devil Zutara - Private Island :iconeleanor-devil:Eleanor-Devil 13 5 Avatar Next Gen - Fire Royal Family Ver.1 by Eleanor-Devil Avatar Next Gen - Fire Royal Family Ver.1 :iconeleanor-devil:Eleanor-Devil 76 23 ZKWK15 - D1 - Happenstance by zutaraxmylove ZKWK15 - D1 - Happenstance :iconzutaraxmylove:zutaraxmylove 173 18 ZK Week 2015 - Day 1 - Happenstance by TheNocturneFox ZK Week 2015 - Day 1 - Happenstance :iconthenocturnefox:TheNocturneFox 8 3



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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am on the far left in my picture.

I do not look my age at all, and most people think I'm still in middle school... I graduate 2015.

I adore my viola!

My guy friends often comment on me being kinda like a kid. Oh well. One of them seriously nicknamed me Kawaii.

I am a yaoi fangirl and proud of it!

I am not 18, I'm 16, I just wanted to see the stuff it wouldn't let me see >D I'm terrible.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
Tagged by :iconanubisgirl13:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. Choose ten people and put their icons in this journal.
4. You have to legitimately tag people.
5. No tag-backs!
6. You can't say no tags.
7. Everyone that has been tagged must make a journal entry.

Her Questions:

1. Where would your dream holiday be?
I would go all over to see all my friends.

2. Is it easy to make you laugh? If so, then how?
Super easy. Basically anything.

3. How long have you been on DA?
3 years on this account, 2 more on a different one.

4. What do you like to do the most: sing, draw or write?

 If you were a superhero what powers would you have?
Invisibility, super speed, flight...

6. Can you give me a link to your favorite song? 
:prettyplease: - NaNoEmo 5/30 

If you could steal one thing without consequence what would it be? (Running out of ideas ^^'' )
You! The suitcase is still available! ;)

What's the most unusual name you've ever come across?
Lanjurae and Diamond Tequila. Dead serious.

Are you introvert or extrovert?

10. Do this without a map! Name at least 3 countries that are near Latvia! ^^''
I have an advantage! Russia, Ukraine, Poland.

My Questions:
  1. Are you religious?
  2. How old are you?
  3. Favorite type of music?
  4. Cats or dogs?
  5. What are your favorite names?
  6. What food would you like to try?
  7. Do you want to travel?
  8. Do you play an instrument?
  9. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
  10. Favorite animal?

I don't feel like tagging, but feel free to use!


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